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I had a work injury accident and have had tremendous healing results from Trigger Point Therapy at Wellsprings Medical Massage.  The injuiries include cervical degenerative disc desease causing migraine headaches for about 10 years and tmj issues, also, lumbar spine stenosis causing sciatica and cramping of my calves and feet.  These health issues have also caused fibromyagia and chronic myofascial pain which is on going so that I need maintenance therapy to move without a lot of pain. Thank you for great work!!  EA, Anchorage

I am a commercial equipment mechanic and suffered an injury that has kept me out of the work field for going on two years. I have got rotator cuff surgery and went through all kinds of therapy, neuroligist and physical therapist to bring back the strength and movement I once had.  I have been to Wellsprings Medical Massage 10 times and my strength and movement in my shoulder and hands have nearly returned to normal.  The therapist work is great!!!  LF, Eagle River

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