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Symptom Checker


Symptom Checker

Please review this page and then click at bottom to go to the Symptom Checker.

  • A person does not need to have all of the pain that is diagrammed in the drawings. Compare the pain that is felt with the symptoms listed for each muscle.

  • In most cases there is more than one muscle that is responsible for pain complaints.

  • There are specific stretches for each muscle which are integral to successful therapy. The stretches are not provided here because there may be a contraindication to stretching in your case. Please seek help from a Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist for proper stretching instructions.

  • The NAMTPT, its members and Executive Committee, are not liable for any negative outcome that is a result, direct or indirect, of the information provided herein. This information is provided to educate the general public about myofascial pain. A person who believes that they have a condition listed herein should seek the advice of a licensed health care provider who is experienced in the recognition and diagnosis of myofascial pain.


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