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Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain (CMP)

Dr. Devin Starlanyl is the author of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain: A Survivor Manuel 2nd Edition and The Fibromyalgia Advocate: Getting the Support You Need to Cope with Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

For more information, please visit: Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Myofascial Pain (CMP) with Devin Starlanyl


Thyroid and Metabolic Issues Related to Myofascial Pain

Dr. John C. Lowe is the author of the book, Your Guide to Metabolic Health, a resource which explores the relationship between hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia. Other topics discussed are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Chronic Myofascial Pain (CMP). Dr. Lowe has also been the author of many papers and scientific journals, which may be viewed on his website.

For more information, please visit: drlowe.com


Self Care / Treatment Tools

Pressure Positive Company — Founded in Eastern Pennsylvania, in 1979, Pressure Positive Company began the production of the Original Backnobber® and Original Jacknobber® and has proven through today to be a leader in self treatment tools of all types. Self care has proven to be an essential factor in the successful treatment of myofascial pain. Exploration of this website will help determine which tool(s) will be best for your needs.

For more information, please visit: The Pressure Positive Co.


Other Pain Management Sites

American Academy of Pain Management
It is the goal of the American Academy of Pain Management to bring together the many professionals who work with individuals in pain and to assist in the creation of quality services for those individuals. The intent of the American Academy of Pain Management is to be inclusionary and not restrictive to any specialty.


International MYOPAIN Society
The "International MYOPAIN Society" [IMS] is a nonprofit, international, interdisciplinary medical organization for research scientists, physicians, other health care professionals, individuals in training toward a health-related career, institutions, foundations, and commercial companies interested in exchanging ideas, conducting research, or learning more about soft pain syndromes like myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia syndrome.


Submission of Resource Links:

You may submit a link to the NAMTPT for inclusion on this list. Inclusion of your link is at the discretion of the NAMTPT. Please email your name, resource link,  www.myofascialtherapy.org



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