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The Protocol

A properly trained Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist, from a NAMTPT recognized training program, with the credential of either CMTPT or MTPT has been trained to follow a protocol for the proper diagnosis and treatment of myofascial pain due to trigger points (TrPs). It is this protocol that makes myofascial trigger point therapy a comprehensive form of pain management.

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (MTPT) is a unique treatment protocol for the treatment of myofascial pain and dysfunction.

The protocol is based on the seminal works of Janet G. Travell, MD and David G. Simons, MD and integrates current scientific concepts and research.

This protocol includes the following:

  • Differential diagnosis
  • Comprehensive patient history
  • Pain mapping
  • Range of motion evaluation
  • Postural analysis
  • Identification of perpetuating factors
  • Correction of perpetuating factors
  • Manual techniques to treat myofascial pain and dysfunction
  • Personalized patient stretch rehabilitation program
  • Patient education

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